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Our Guarantee

Our mission is to provide a quick, clean, and cost-effective service for the removal of trip hazards from our customers' walkways and ADA ramps. Our leading-edge saw cutting technology combined with our dependable professional service sets new standards in customer and resident satisfaction.

• TRIP REMOVAL is a SAW-CUT taken to a zero point of differential that extends fully to both edges of the walkway to ensure the complete elimination of the trip hazard. The resulting correction and slope is ADA compliant.

• CONCRETE DUST is contained with our dust abatement system and all debris are cleaned from the sidewalk and surrounding area and collected for recycle.

• UPON COMPLETION of our work, we will provide you with a detailed invoice outlining important information. Details include the exact location and size of each trip hazard removed, those “out of scope,” and any audit or recommended follow-up actions. This detail makes it easy to audit a completed project.

“We were impressed with the newly patented cutting method and the possibilities for our objective to update our access ramps. The cost is nominal compared to removal and reconstruction, not to mention faster and less intrusive for neighborhoods and traffic.

Not only did your involvement allow us to do more, it likely accelerated our activities by 2 to 3 years. Finding the funds to use the saw cut method was manageable, but if I had had to come up with 5 times that amount, several of our projects would have been dropped, and who knows if they would have been re funded the next year.  Thanks for your commitment to public service.”

-- Terry Owens
Project Coordinator II

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